tDPT on your terms.

You're ready for tDPT, but you want a program that delivers the content you need, on your terms.

You expect a quality program, taught by recognized experts, that fits your schedule.

Too much to ask? Not at all.

USF has enrolled its last cohort into the tDPT program. If you are interested in the curriculum, it will be offered at the University of Montana.  Please visit for more information. The curriculum is identical to the curriculum at USF.  

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Helene Fearon

Helene Fearon, PT, FAPTA

Coding and Reimbursement

Partner in Fearon & Levine, a national consulting firm focusing on practice management and payment with expertise in the areas of documentation, coding, billing, and compliance. Read more »

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Screening Medical Disorders

William Boissonnault

This course will explore the therapist’s role as an interdependent practitioner working within a collaborative medical model.  Inherent in the responsibilities associated with this role is the ability to recognize clinical manifestations that suggest that physician contact is warranted regarding a client’s health status.  Equally important is knowing what one ... Read more »